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Re: Nationals vs Braves, Game 3
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btw, some other notes from the post game - they brought out pretty much whatever was left from the in-season give-aways and gave everything to the players to distribute.

Pudge came over to our section (112) in his "beast mode" shirt.  Morse ran to LF with a ton of stuff to toss it to the fans over by his position which was a real nice touch, he was the only one to go there. 

In addition to Pudge; Ramos, Storen, Wang, Bo Porter, Bernadina, Bixler, H-Rod, Peacock, and J-Zimm came over.  Storen was shaking hands with everyone.  Peacock looked just happy to be there.  I saw Lannan closer to the Braves dugout as well.  I didn't see Werth, Zimmerman or Strasburg, but there were a lot of guys over on the 1B side.  I'll try and post some pictures this week.  Bernie is indeed a beast.