Author Topic: Cub Haters and Soxfan: You will get a kick out of this  (Read 1608 times)

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About the only thing I hate more than the Cubs are the dumb pieces of dreck they call their fans.

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Blimey, now that really doesn't pull any punches...a pretty comprehensive demolition of 98 years of failure I'm afraid.

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Would have been better without all the words splashing in the middle of the screen all the time...but yeah - pretty good stuff.  Now if they can just do one about Phillie fans.   :lol:

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Wow!  I'm honored to be in the subject line of a thread title!  

And I am humbled to have been able to bring a little bit of home to all you Nats fans out there.  

Just to show you the continued lunacy of the Cubs, in between the wall to wall coverage of the Bears this weekend, there was a story from the "Cubs Convention" (the annual festival held at a hotel in downtown Chicago, where thousands of Cubs fans bask in the glory of thier team) where new manager Lou Pinella is thinking of putting Soriano in CENTER FIELD!!!

(I will wait while all you Nats fans finish laughing or wretching)

I've seen that youtube vid before.  Here are two of my favorite anti-Cub sites.  The first has rather dated material, but its very, very funny (and ALL TRUE).  The second is a blog dedicated to exposing the Chicago Tribune as a shchill for the Cubs:

cubs suck

Chicago Cubune

Cub fans are truly, truly pathetic.  The Cubs team and thier fans deserve each other.

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I can't remember if it was here or some other messageboard that I first saw this, you've probably seen it before but it's always worth another look if you're ever in any doubt about how disgusting Cubs fans can be.

Then there's this which I bookmarked a while back, and which is as hilarious as the previous vid is stomach churning.

Then there's this which I bookmarked a while back, and which is as hilarious as the previous vid is stomach churning.

OMFG I am just about in tears!  That was a hilarious spin off of that infamous German Kid video. 

*Note: The kid is not speaking about the Cubs but actually about a video game called "Unreal Tournament."  This vid has been circulating around the internet for a while now.  Hilarious!

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Actually I speak a bit of German and spend quite a bit of time there as our closest friends are German, so I realised the kid wasn't talking about the Cubs. But still whoever put that together has a wicked sense of humor, a Cardinals fan I presume?