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NFL Conference Championships Predictions Thread
« Topic Start: January 16, 2007, 04:19:24 PM »
New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears
New England Patriots @ Indianapolis Colts

6-2.....Kenz aFan
5-3.....Nat of the LivingDead
4-4.....The Chief
3-5.....Dave B
3-1.....Ali the Baseball Cat

My predictions:  The Saints just have too much of a dynamic offense to lose this week, although they just barely etched a win out vs. the Eagles last week.  The Patriots and Tom Brady are just too good in the playoffs to bet against, and they just beat the Chargers, so the Colts should be a walk in the park.  Add that to the fact that the Colts scored NO touchdowns, and relied on Adam Vinateiri's right leg.

Saints over Bears
Patriots over Colts