When will NBA negotiations come to agreement and the  Wizards Season start?

Nov 2011
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Jan 2012
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Not gonna happen this season
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Author Topic: NBA - Washington Wizards 2011-2012 Season- THEY'RE BACK........  (Read 11474 times)

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If Leonsis believes on taking your time and building a winner the right way, I'm sure he understands that fans will take their time and show up when it's built
In Ted's Takes (Ted Leonsis) his blog, dated january 9, it was his birthday on January 8, Sunday, and he was sitting in the front row (courtside) seat of the Wizards game and he was not happy. He stated, in his blog, that some hard non-emotional decisions are going to have to be made about the Wizards team. Looks like changes are coming down the pike. Hope so, or it will be the worst season of record for the Wizards. Hope they realize they just have to let Flip Saunders move on, to somewhere else, and bring in a new coach and crew; and that Blatche time has come to go.......away..... :smh: