When will NBA negotiations come to agreement and the  Wizards Season start?

Nov 2011
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Not gonna happen this season
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Author Topic: NBA - Washington Wizards 2011-2012 Season- THEY'RE BACK........  (Read 9798 times)

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Someone want to tell my why Wall was attempting a three-pointer before we had our last shot? The kid is TERRIBLE at shooting threes. Yeah he's made a couple and has had ONE winner off a lucky bank shot against the Celtics last year. Just don't understand the logic of the team. Get Flip's simple self out of here and make sure the door hits Ernie in the a$$ on the way out too!

John Wall is better at three's then he is at mid range shots. It's weird. It was understandable why he shot it since he was wide open but I still would've preferred a Nick Young/Mcgee post up shot. To bad we couldn't score on the two-three previous possessions. Hopefully the hustle in the following games are equivalent to tonights because it was pretty good.