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CAPS Week 16: Jan 16 - Jan 20
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Quote from: "Senators2005"
Quote from: "Dave B"
Did anybody hear that BS "(horn) (horn) (horn) Lets go Canes" ripoff?  That is crap.  Hopefully they are doing just to mock the Caps when they come to town and not trying to make it their own.

How about makng up your own thing?
Booo Canes...get your own material!   :x

I hate the whole SE division.  Carolina throws a few coked-up pole-spinners into the mix, and suddenly they lead the league in attendance.  Tampon Bay has 10,000 retired Canadian snowbird season ticket holders.  Ditto with Florida.  Horrible.  I miss the old Campbell/Norris/etc rivalries...this "regional" crap is really tiresome.  The sunbelt teams are viable for one reason: wealthy retirees.