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Who are they and where did they coach?

Marc Crawford: Coached Colorado to a Stanley Cup title in '96. Had some great years with Colorado and then Vancouver. The Canucks didn't make the playoffs in his last season. He coached LA and Dallas after that, with no playoff appearances.

Bob Hartley: Also coached Colorado to a Stanley Cup title (2001). Coached Altlanta from 2002 to 2008. Took Atlanta to their only playoff appearance in 2007. Fired by the Thrashers in 2008 after 0-6 start. Currently coaching in Sweden.

Craig Mactavish: Coached the Edmonton Oilers from 2000 to 2009. Led them to the Stanley Cup finals in 2006, where they lost to Carolina. Missed the playoffs five times during his time at Edmonton. Currently coaching in the AHL.

Kirk Muller: Relatively inexperienced at coaching. Currently coaching in the AHL. Was assistant coach with Montreal Canadians for a couple of years. Considered to be an up and comer in coaching. He is supposed to be a good x's and o's guy.

I'm not sure about Muller, but I believe the other three guys would be a big change from the way BB runs the team. They would not be considered player's coaches.