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Re: Washington Capitals 2011-2012 Thread
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I don't particularly want a coach who's won a cup. I don't know if this is true in the NHL, but in the NFL the coaches that win Super Bowls then go somewhere else based off those credentials usually do not win super bowls (Shanahan, to name one, has disappointed; I can' think of a coac off the top of my head who's won a super bowl with one team and then with a different team).. I don't know who the Caps should get, but I really hope they don't get someone because he's won a Stanley Cup. When you do that, the argument for respect becomes "Oh, he won a Stanley Cup." But if you have to argue about respect, it's not really respect. That's the way it is for Boudreau right now.

good point. looks like scotty bowman is the only guy to win with more than one team. looks like he did it with 4 teams