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Re: Washington Capitals 2011-2012 Thread
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yeah. didnt even really consider hunter hasnt coached in the AHL yet. i dont think you can jump from juniors to the NHL.
I'd feel comfortable with Hartley. He has won a cup and and coached superstars Sakic and Forsberg, also Rob Blake and Ray Bourque.

His wiki page says he is currenly coaching in sweden. wonder if that complicates things. fyi, he was fired from the thrashers after going 0-6. thats a quick trigger

I would guess that he has an out clause in his contract in case the opportunity arises for him to coach in the NHL again.  As far as the Thrashers go, didn't he take them to their only playoff appearance in the season before he was fired? Wonder how that coaching change worked out for them?   :lol: