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Re: Washington Capitals 2011-2012 Thread
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I think he has that ability too Dave, but when's the last tiem we've seen it? If Crosby wasn't hurt last year he could've put up 150 legitimately. We'll see if he can be back to 100% and produce uickly.

Ovie just hasn't shown his usual gamebreaking ability in a long, long time.

i think he had it in the edmonton game. that is the one that stands out to me immediately. all his old moves we working. nothing to show for it though. he showed a few flashes tonight. i think it is mental more than anything. just have to hope he gets motivated at some point. i know he is getting paid a lot of money, but i can give him a small pass for not being motivated during the regular season. he has done it all and knows only the playoffs matter. i also think he has a lot of crap swirling in his head. doubts about his old style, overcompensating trying to be more of a team player, the new "system"

150 for crosby last year? you think he would have accelerated his otherworldly 130 point pace? how do you know he wasnt peaking? that was probably corsby's best 41 game span ever. I think Ovie has had a couple of nearly as impressive spans of the same length.  65 goals in 82 games for Ovie, there has to be 41 games in there where he was on a 70-75 goal pace and a good amount of assists