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Re: Washington Capitals 2011-2012 Thread
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Crosby is a great player, but he is a whiny nag. He does lots of things very well consistently. Ovechkin back in the day and every now and then currently can do stuff that blows your mind and nobody else can even dream of doing.  I'd still take Ovie. Sure winning cups is fun. But if Ovie ever does it here, you will see some amazing crap along the way. 

Crosby had 32G and 34A in 41 games last year. You could probably find similar production over a 41 game window in Ovie's career too. Ovie did manage to to keep up Crosby's amazing goal pace over the course of a whole season when he scored 65. Also remember that after the Habs bounced the Caps, they beat the Pens in 7 games when wonderboy managed 1 goal and 4 assists. Further when the Pens won the cup Crosby only 1 goal, 2 assists, and was -3 in the DET series while Malkin was winning the MVP

It seems like Crosby has achieved a lot. He has but he had help along the way. Lots of help.  It also seems like Crosby is trending up while Ovechkin is fading. It might be the case, but it is really only based on the last 41 games he has played. Possibly a small sample.  Also don't forget Crosby's very serious concussion. That could have long lasting ramifications and it must be accounted for if one were to pick a player going forward.

Ovie might appear bored and sluggish these days (tonight was an improvement), but I think deep down, he can still uncork his skills and take over a game like none other