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Re: Washington Capitals 2011-2012 Thread
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I think the problem Cal, is that Ovi is no longer scoring 60 goals a season or close to that, so they consider him bad. The truth is, with the team now, we don't need him to do that. Earlier, in 06-07 we did, we needed him to score that much, but now we can count on everyone else as well.

I definitely think the scheme we are running is what's hurting the team. Most of these guys are all offense and we're expecting them to play D, etc. I mean Mike Green, yeah he's a "defensemen," but realistically he's a forward. Not saying he hasn't gotten better at D (though I still think he's not that great), his biggest plus was his goal scoring, still is.

I will always blame Bruce for not bringing us our first cup, there's no excuse why that 2009 team should not have brought it home. Dominating everyone and in the playoffs he wants to change it to more D. I would have fired his ass right then and there for that.

I agree!  Is he trying to have it both ways and changing the system again?   You cant build a team based on primarily offense and then change up the system, to defense, can you?  I mean, I'm kind of a casual fan, so I'm no expert.  Is he now trying to change it back?

I would find it very ironic if Bruce was let go after Thanksgiving.  He was so successful getting us to the playoffs when he was hired after Thanksgiving!   To be fired after Thanksgiving would be the ultimate irony.