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Senators2005 Got A New Toy
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As I've told some others here at the Nats Forum, I was a photo-journalism major in college and kind of fell out of the art the past 10 years or so because of LIFE.  Despite what people think, photojournalists do not make much unless you get hired by a major news or sports media company.  People do it for the love of the art, certainly not to become rich.  

With the arrival of the digital age - the art has become less knowledge oriented because computerized cameras these days can make idiots look like professionals.  In fact, for my website I had been using my wife's Olympus point & shoot digital and these have looked pretty darned good.  

However, last week I broke down and bought my first digital SLR camera - the Canon EOS Rebel XTi.  Today I went to the new Marine Corps Museum in Quantico and started shooting indoors and it felt like I was back in my groove all over again.  Uploaded the images onto my computer just a while ago and they look great.

You can expect improved images of the Nats on my blog come this season...    8)