Author Topic: Nationals vs Marlins, Game 2  (Read 17651 times)

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From Zuckerman:

From Kilgore's post game:

What if we lose by 10 runs tomorrow?  What was accomplished by "saving them"? This is the biggest bunch of nonsense!!!

If ever there was a night that reaffirmed that Davey Johnson is a clueless old man, this was it!

EDIT:  On second thought, I wouldn't have mattered who was on the mound and for how long.  This offense was not going to score, period.  That's the most pathetic part of this.  Making your pitchers go inning after inning after inning after inning without giving up any runs because your offense is dead.  >:(

By the 13th I had moved down behind the Nats dugout and my friend there was yelling at Davey to pull Bally.  My thought was that it's getting late and we're not going to score anyway, so let's just get this thing over with, pretty sure that DJ was thinking along those same lines.