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Ugh hopefully a good football game is on at 7pm just in case

College football will probably cut heavily into the audience tonight (as the NFL will do tomorrow - remember our Marlins finale goes up directly against Skins-Cardinals), along with the relatively nippy weather - I'm not expecting big crowds either tonight (even with Strasburg - remember last year how the crowds started dropping off a bit at his starts) or tomorrow....King Football is back in the house, and baseball is once more the wallflower at the dance - particularly in the home markets of MLB teams that are just playing out the season.

Speaking of weather - for those going tonight: Capital Weather Gang's NatCast has pretty much the same story as for last night: 'The weather is reminding us there's only about a week left of regular season action. It might be a bit warmer than last night's game, but you'll probably still want some layers. Expect mostly cloudy skies and maybe an increasing breeze.' - first pitch temperature 64-66, 9th inning 61-63, 5% chance of rain.

...and don't forget the Metro track work - budget time accordingly: