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Re: Nationals vs Marlins, Game 1
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Announced attendance was 22,932 but I'd say it was 15k tops in actual attendance (was there a rumour that Strasburg's start would be moved to last night?) - weather like last night's is not good for baseball attendance, at least hereabouts.

The Metro ride home was less onerous than originally thought - they seemed to be running frequent Blue and Yellow line trains from L'Enfant and there was one waiting when I got there (since I go to Pentagon City I can use both) - quite a few people were (not surprisingly) confused and thought a Yellow line train might actually be Orange etc. One problem though is that the nearer of the two escalators to the platform from which you'll exit your Green line train from the ballpark is having work done, so only one of the three escalators down to the Blue/Orange platform was functioning - fortunately there's another set of escalators further out.

Only logistical problem was going to the ballpark - thanks to late-running buses in Arlington I barely made it to the Scoreboard Walk in time for my $5 pre-match Urquell.

On my way out of the ballpark I noticed that the Left Field gate (my usual entry point) had re-opened following its 9/11 weekend closure, and I asked a yellow-jacketed steward there (there were no other staff around) as to whether that gate had indeed re-opened for pre-match entry as usual. I may as well have been asking him - in German - about whether he thinks the relative conservatism of Portuguese verb conjugations compared to those of French and Spanish would, combined with Strasburg's strike-out totals, would have a long-term effect on the relative sxchange rates of the Burmese kyat and the South Sudanese pound. After constantly re-iterating the opening times of the gate - which I have known since day one - I finally got out of him that the gate was indeed re-opened as before. Whatever their crowd-control skills, the sharpest knives in the drawer those lot are not.