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^ easier way to do that is to copy the image location and put it in between these: "[img][/img]" (no bold brackets, though. That was the only way I could show them. :D)

When you post, click on the first icon in the 2nd row of the WNFF icons, which looks like a painting.  It will automatically post the [ img ][ /img ] and your PASTE of the copied image is already now positioned to post in between the start and end parts.  The WNFF upgrade a few years that added this was a dream come true (THANKS CHIEF.)


Somebody on this Forum used to post the scores in the GameDay Threads with the logo of each team before their names.  I never knew how they did it so fast; must have had it prepared in advance; I'm slow to put that up, but having the score posted makes the thread easier to follow when [Ryan Zimmerman] reads it later after midnight.