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I remember it vividly... I refreshed the page here and the only new post was your caveman smashing the crap out of a PC and then gameday refreshed with a homer.  I'll never forget it because it made me think that's what you actually did while watching/listening to the game.  No text, no other images, just a caveman smashing a PC.

Ah yes.  That site or the US version set off some Minesweeper virus software on WNFF for some of the Smilies, so I reluctantly stopped using them.  But HERE is the one I think you meant.  Hard to find, since it used "Problem Solved" to describe it:

It already got turned into a wide black box after a few minutes; maybe you can see it at home.  US site:

It blocked that one too. The P page is here:

ronnynat, I've posted this once or twice with a fireworks BANG! ZOOM photo, after the Nationals have won games: