Author Topic: The Official Smiley Request Thread  (Read 139560 times)

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Re: The Official Smiley Request Thread
« Reply #175: July 24, 2009, 02:05:52 PM »
    :icon_mrgreen:  I like all the laughing smileys in sportsfan882's post. In Minty's post, I like #2 (priest reciting last rites by the tombstone); and #5 (the computer punching the smiley) - been a few debates on this board where that smiley could have been used instead of words; and #7 (smiley with BRAVO sign); and #10 (smiley with Idiot sign). 
      Also the previous money smileys that Spidernat and I liked.
   So Chief, what more do we need to do to get these very appropriate smileys added, to use on posts in the future? I am not sure how this works.......  :popcorn:

usually, you get a faster response if you Paypal $20 with your request.