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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 4
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Pirates clinched their 19th consecutive losing season, a North American profession sports record.

...actually that happened Wednesday with the loss to St Louis (they won at LA yesterday).

But 1992, their last winning long ago was that?

- Rod Langway was still at the Capitals (beginning his final season)
- Caps and Bullets still had five years to go at CapCentre before moving to the Phone Booth, and Redskins (still pre-Snyder) were still at RFK
- That was the calendar year in which the Redskins won their last Super Bowl
- AM-980 was still WWRC (did not switch to sports radio format till the following year)
- Blue Jays over Braves in World Series (first of two titles, the second featuring Joe Carter applying the coup de grace to the Phillies)
- Curse of the Bambino still had 12 years left
- Nolan Ryan in next-to-last season of his career
- MJ-led Bulls won only the second of their six titles that year
- Penguins win second of Lemieux-led Stanley Cups (and Jagr's last Cup Final trip)
- NFL still in LA, original Browns still in Cleveland, Oilers still in Houston
- Nordiques still in Quebec City, original Jets still in Winnipeg, Whalers still in Hartford
- MLS and WNBA still four and five years away respectively
- George Bush Sr's final full year in office
- First full calendar year since Soviet Union de jure went out of business
- Woodward & Lothrop was still open
- Czechoslovakia's final year as a single country (split up New Year's 1993)
- Debut season of Preparation H Park at Camden Yards
- Still 13 years to go before baseball would return to DC
- Of the players the Nationals took in this year's draft, five were born that year and five others weren't even born (none higher than 15th round in either case)