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Avatar theft confession!
« Topic Start: January 14, 2007, 03:23:17 PM »
OK, I have taken an executive decision.

After much soul searching I have finally stolen the avatar belonging to the member known as 'natintheuk' !!

I just checked, and the victim of this shameless cowardly crime hasn't actually posted on here since May 12th last year.

So working on the basis that since I'm here everyday in one form or another - either hanging around reading other member's thoughts or posting myself, and consequently my need is far greater than his - I have as you can see now finally kidnapped his avatar.

I've had my eye on his splendid Nats wiggly 'W' UK Union Flag avatar for some months, but I've always been expecting him to return to the forum. Well, I'm done with waiting any longer.

Of course if he ever should return, he can immediately have it back, and I'll just have to find something else.

I'm not sure how I stand legally if he returned and got nasty? But we have enough lawyers and Washington professionals on here to represent me if he ever sues claiming that since he created it he owns the intellectual property of the graphical image in question, and I am probably in breach of copyright!

Though in England we also have a saying that "possession is nine-tenths of the law" ... which squatters frequently use in court during 'squatters rights' cases to defend themselves when you get home from work and find that 3 or 4 perfect strangers have set up home in your basement, often along with their disease-riddled pets!

But for now at least, the UK Nats avatar is finally ALL MINE!!!