Author Topic: What's your record at the park?  (Read 5075 times)

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Re: What's your record at the park?
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3-1 at games. I was undefeated until I decided to go to the game against San Diego this year where Strasburg had the bad start and the "Icy Hot" fiasco. Hell, if it wasn't for Harper I would have seen a blank for the Nats.

Coincidentally, last time I went to a game that Strasburg started, it was when he got pulled for elbow problems against the Braves and (I believe) Batista started in his stead. Still beat the Braves 3-0, but I think that was his last intended start before he was out for a long time.

Someone will have to fact check my memory, but the moral of the story is I should not attend games where Strasburg pitches. Bad things happen.