Author Topic: What's your record at the park?  (Read 5078 times)

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Re: What's your record at the park?
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Stammen: 0-1 (First ever game, 4th of July, Mets lit him up)
Atilano: 0-1 (Blown up by Padres, same day LeBron went to Heat)
Strasburg: 1-0 (Beat the Giants and Matt Cain! Woo!)
Lannan: 1-0 (Ankiel grand slam game, beat the Braves)
Hernandez: 1-1 (Beat up by Marlins, then beat up the Braves and Jurrjens)
Maya: 1-0 (5.1 shutout IP against Mets!!!!)
Zimmermann: 1-1 (Beat up by Marlins(?), beat up the Mets)