Author Topic: What's your record at the park?  (Read 5213 times)

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Re: What's your record at the park?
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Had to look back over the schedule but my record at Nats Park this year is 23-15, 24-17 overall for the Nats, and 33-26 for the home team. 1-0 at Busch Stadium, 0-1 at Kauffman, 1-0 at GCS Ballpark, 2-3 at Camden, 1-3 at Pfitzner, 2-0 at Municipal Stadium, 0-1 at Regency Furniture Stadium, 2-0 at Sun Life Stadium, 0-1 at Ripken Stadium, 1-0 at PG County Stadium, 1-1 at Harry Grove Stadium, 1-1 at PNC Park, and 0-1 at Metro Bank Park. I also watched a retro baseball game in a field in Leesburg but I don't remember who batted second so we will just say it was 2 more games I watched but doesn't count towards any record.