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Re: Nationals vs Astros, Game 3
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I mean from a business/attendance perspective.  No one is going to wake up early to go to a Nationals game and then head over to a Skins game right after.  And considering this is opening day for the Skins, chances are most people are going to choose that game over the Nats game.
I know people who are attending both.  I've done Nats/Caps and Nats/United twofers, but the logistics of getting out to FedEx are pretty daunting.

One, you leave early. Like after Stras is pulled.

Two, watch the Skins game in a sports bar. Far cheaper to get drunk.

Three, Fed Ex SUCKS. Landover sucks. I will never, ever go to another Redskins game as long as its at Fed Ex. Takes too long to get in, the employees are rude and getting out of there is, at best, a two hour ordeal.