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Re: WNFF 2.0 thread
« Reply #225: September 22, 2011, 01:06:59 PM »
I know this is nit picky but is there a way to get the page to render so there is not the "flash" effect when it renders the white on the blue?

If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, the answer would be "don't use F5 to reload pages" (or the browser reload button for that matter).  In IE and Chrome (at least on Windows), this causes the browser to reload page elements that are already stored in your browser cache.  Firefox on Windows generally DOESN'T do this even if you press F5 (CTRL-F5 does it instead).  Not sure about this behavior on Mac browsers but I think command-R on Mac Firefox behaves similarly to CTRL-F5 on Windows Firefox - I'd have to look.

Short answer: "No."

There *shouldn't* be any such effect during normal site navigation unless you're on a very slow connection and/or don't have the site fully cached.  For game threads a possible solution is to click on the header link of the last post in order to refresh the page without reloading it.  Or use Firefox.