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Re: WNFF 2.0 thread
« Reply #175: September 15, 2011, 08:39:49 PM »
I haven't yet decided where (if anywhere) to put the page list.  But let me ask you an honest question with zero sarcasm - are the page links really that useful?  When do you ever click on one that isn't the first page or the last page?  For the former, you can click on the thread title.  For the latter, you can click on the "last post" icon (Image removed from quote.)

i always click on the last page, but I find it to be more natural to have the page list right under the thread title.  My eyes are already over there and the mouse is in that area since "show unread posts..." is right above the topic list.  So it's more natural to just read through the list of threads, and click on the last page number, then to go all the way over to the right and click on "latest post".

Right now I'm finding myself clicking on the thread title, then navigating to the last page.  Also, I find it interesting to see right away the length of a particular thread.