Author Topic: Nationals vs Astros, Game 1  (Read 15358 times)

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Re: Nationals vs Astros, Game 1
« Reply #175: September 09, 2011, 09:47:11 PM »
I tried to find some of those old NFL classics about Jurgensen and Kilmer the other day but couldn't. I guess NFL Films guards their stuff and doesn't allow them to be viewed online. That seems dumb to me.

Have you ever watched those guys play? 

Jurgensen is one of the best QB's in the history of the game.  Kilmer was a gritty, tough, fiery leader with mediocre at best skills. 

People had bumper stickers - I like Billy, or I like Sonny.  Many had both.  That was the most intense QB competition we've ever had here.  Unfortunately Sonny got hurt leading up to the SB7. :'(