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Re: Nationals vs Dodgers, Game 2
« Reply #675: September 06, 2011, 10:20:36 PM »
just got back from the game.  a couple thoughts.
1.) Nats fans suck.  There weren't more than 15 k for that game.  Big-time pu**ies.  oh no - it's drizzling
2.)  Strasburg is legit - lives up to the spotlight like an ace.  he should be counting the days until he's a FA.
3.)  Johnson is an old dottering fool.  how do you throw Pea**** into the fire like that when he's not a reliever??????????????  2 men on and Kemp up.  to Pea****'s credit he would have ended the inning without damage with a real shortstop.
4.)  and 4 - ian Desmond sucks.  he should have had 2 errors this evening.  he can't even knock a ball down and keep it from going into the outfield.   he is a horror show at SS and should be let go right now.  there is nothing to salvage.  he's too old to keep making the same mistakes.
5.)  with a real manager and Short Stop Strasburg would have won his first game back.  if i'm him i'd be f**ing pissed.

1) no way there were 10,000 in the park.  don't know why the game went so damn slow with no rain delays, I'd have left early even if there wasn't a rain delay.
4) desmond should have had two errors and stras should have had no hits against.
5) pea**** should not have been left in as long as he was.