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Re: Nationals vs Dodgers, Game 2
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It was a pretty dead concert given it was a Buffett show.  The concert itself was fine, but the crowd was not its usual exuberant self and sparse, probably a 25-30% no show rate due to both the no-tailgating policy and the change in dates.

I had a major F-up too.  I took in a flash of Wild Turkey, bought a coke and mixed about a 3rd of my supply to sip the coke.  WHen that was down, I went back to the mens room to use the rest (place was just silly with security, I had to be really careful).  After emptying the flask into the remaining ice, I move my hand to rehide the flask and spilled my drink 100%.

 :'( :bang: :doh: :smh:

Serves you right.  Should've gone with Makers.  :lol: