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Re: Nationals vs Mets, Game 3
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What an AWSOME Day yesterday!

Went to On Field Photo day with the NATS. You stayed on the warning track and the players walked around and let you take pictures of them. If you asked them to stop MOST would. I mean how can you take a picture of a moving target (JAYSON WERTH)?! Jayson would NOT stop! :(. Got some Cool pics though. Thing is when you take pictures of the guys with their caps on, the shadow really hides their faces!

They are a great bunch of guys! I asked Michael Morse what he likes to be called; Michael, Mike or Mikey? He said his mother used to call him Michael when he got in trouble!!! LOL!!! I'm calling him Mike or Mikey for now on! Bally pased by. I asked how his wife was who's pregnant with their first child. He said, great! Thanks for asking

Davey must have tried to speak with every single fan because he never made it to OUR side of the field!

Well you'll probably read about the game.  Tom Milone hits a home run on the 1st Pitch in his MLB Debut?!  Are you kidding me?!  Also,  I know Ryan Z wasn't having his best night, but I think the METS now know not to intentionally walk the previous batter to get to Ryan Zimmerman in the bottom of the 9th!  DOH, broken bat single to score 2 to win!

Lifehouse concert followed.  Played until midnight.  All their hits!  I just woke up.  Didn't get home until after 1!