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Beckham to US for 250mil?
« Topic Start: January 11, 2007, 09:30:22 PM »
Quote from: "Dave B"
People are going to go to the games and not feel as though they saw anything special.  He's not a goal scorer and doesnt possess obvious, better-than-everyone-around-him skills.  You might be dazzled by a free kick or something, but if you are gonna make a splash, I think it should be for a goal scorer at least, even if he isnt that much better than other goal scorers.  People can at least come away saying they saw ronaldo score a goal as opposed to beckham making a nice pass.  But I guess talent doesnt equal popularity and if a couple million people around the world buy his jerseys, it helps.

I hope this isnt prohibitve of other players coming over because they feel they should get 50 mil per year or because MLS has no money left

Becks still has one of--if not THE--best set-piece shots in the, the "250 million" is actually (as I understand it) mostly endorsement money that Real Madrid got much of under his existing contract...his actual salary as a player is a player will still be a lot, but much less than 50 large (probably more like 10).  MLS pays 400K of his salary, and as the first so-called "Beckham Rule" player, the rest gets paid by the "owners" of the team, with no limit to how much they can spend, which had been previously capped at a mil or something like that (MLS owns all the team, but leases out managerial rights to private entities).  I could be slightly off on the specifics, but that's pretty much the gist of it.

This is IMO a grand slam for MLS, the operators of the Galaxy, and to a lesser extent, the owners of every other MLS team, who are indirectly the focus of attention by virtue of this story being BY FAR the biggest Google search item for 11 Jan 07 (totally eclipsing President Johnson's--er, Bush's--latest war escalation).  Most of all, it's HUGE for Beckham, who a), gets to keep all of his endorsement money, and b), gets to be in the absolute epicenter of jet set bling, and c), finally gets to make Posh happy with an address worthy of those...uh, eyes.