Author Topic: Beckham to US for 250mil?  (Read 1180 times)

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Beckham to US for 250mil?
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I obviously used to see Beckham quite a lot during his Manchester United heyday. I live only about a 20 minutes drive from their stadium at Old Trafford, though these days I'm mainly to be found during the summer months at the neighbouring Old Trafford Cricket Ground, which is literally about 400 yards down the road from the soccer stadium.

There was a time that he was a great talent, as a play maker and his general distribution of the ball, as well as all his famous tricks from a dead ball situation. But he's past his prime, and he actually seems quite disillusioned following his demotion from the England captain's job. So I think he's basically calling it a day in regard to any aspirations he still had in Europe or England for one of the big world clubs, and simply took the best offer.

He'll make a ton of money for L A Galaxy, just as he did for Real Madrid in Spain, though whether his presence in America will do anything to transform the game there into something as popular as football or baseball, I doubt it.

What sort of attendances do teams like L A Galaxy currently get? Beckham is used to playing of front of 70-80,000 when he was in Manchester and Madrid, I expect the crowds (of mainly girls) will flock to see him based on his public profile and celebrity status, if people turn up expecting to see him win a game single-handed, they're going to be disappointed.