Author Topic: Beckham to US for 250mil?  (Read 1081 times)

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Beckham to US for 250mil?
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People are going to go to the games and not feel as though they saw anything special.  He's not a goal scorer and doesnt possess obvious, better-than-everyone-around-him skills.  You might be dazzled by a free kick or something, but if you are gonna make a splash, I think it should be for a goal scorer at least, even if he isnt that much better than other goal scorers.  People can at least come away saying they saw ronaldo score a goal as opposed to beckham making a nice pass.  But I guess talent doesnt equal popularity and if a couple million people around the world buy his jerseys, it helps.

I hope this isnt prohibitve of other players coming over because they feel they should get 50 mil per year or because MLS has no money left