Who is the Nats #18 prospect?

Brad Meyers
Erik Komatsu
Daniel Rosenbaum
Kevin Keyes
Eury Perez
Kylin Turnbull
Wirkin Estevez
David Freitas
Jason Martinson
Steven Souza
Other (explain)

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Re: WNFF Top 30 Prospect List: #18 Prospect
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No brainer for me, I already think that Keyes dropped too far.  Ton of power, decent plate discipline (though does chase a bit), and a good amount of athleticism for his size.  He is a bit old for Hagerstown, but injuries and a rough year at Vermont slowed him down some.  The only downside is defense.  He has a good enough arm to stick in Right Field, but I don't know if his range is good enough.  He seems like a future 1B.

Having seen him twice now, I think that a lot of people are about to be surprised by how good this guy is going to be.