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Vinny's Mullet
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Quote from: "kimnat"
Quote from: "tomterp"
Vinny has reappeared on the MLB board a couple of times, when summoned.  He said (at that time, maybe 6-8 months ago) he still scans the board from time to time.  He is a member of this forum, perhaps you could send him an email or private message, though he never returned here after catching flack over his parody series of stories.  

I was thinking the same, wonder how he's doing.  You could just try to call him by posting a thread to him.

I don't remember him catching any flack.  What was than one about?  I thought everyone loved him.  (well, figuratively speaking.  You know what I mean. :oops: )

If you go to his profile in the Members section, then read his posts, he would post parody news stories that he wrote himself.  Some people were in favor of having him posting the word Parody in front of his posts.  I guess he just got tired of it and left.