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Re: I'm moving - free stuff if you want it.
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That's a crap tonne of Mets.  And isn't Brady Quinn the jockitch who went queer bashing with his neanderthal buddies in Cleveland?  Good on you for offering up stuff before it goes to the dump, but personally, I'd sooner have Chuckie in the house.

Want a taint mauve cargo couch for your new digs?  It's free, but it's bulky, heavy, ugly, and uncomfortable as hell as a couch (though great to sleep on, according to many out-of-town houseguests). 

You're probably going to be pimping the joint up with Ethan Allen crap though. 

All the figures are opened.  Off the top of my head there are the following:

- Brady Quinn, Cleveland Browns
- Jim Thome, CHW
- Paul Konerko, CHW
- Reggie Bush, Saints
- "Fast" Willie Parker, Steelers
- Terrell Owens, Special Edition
- Brett Favre, Special Edition
- Mike Piazza, NYM, multiples
- Shawn Green, LAD
- Carlos Beltran, NYM
- Jose Reyes, NYM

There are more but those are the ones I know I put in the "to give away" box.