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The Free Stuff thread
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So, I'm moving soon and have some stuff I'd like to see if any of you want before I give it away to Goodwill.  If you want any of this let me know and we'll work a time and place to meet. 

- Two black Ikea flat tables with white legs similar to this.

- Red Ikea computer desk with wheels similar to this.

- McFarlane sports figures:

  • Bobby Orr, Chicago Blackhawk
  • Brian Urlacher, Bears
  • Sidney Crosby, Penguins bent pose
  • Hines Ward, Georgia version
  • Brady Quinn, Browns
  • Adrian Peterson, Vikings
  • Carlos Beltran, NYM black
  • Ty Cobb, Cooperstown
  • Pedro Martinez, Mets black
  • Carlos Delgado, Mets black
  • Jose Reyes, NYM pinstripes
  • Reggie Bush, Saints white
  • Cedric Benson, Bears
  • Billy Wagner, NYM pinstripes
  • "Fast" Willie Parker, Steelers
  • Mickey Mantle, Cooperstown
  • Jaromir Jagr, Rangers
  • Shawn Green, Dodgers
  • Brett Favre, special edition
  • Terrell Owens, special edition
  • Andruw Jones, Dodgers
  • Johan Santana, NYM grey
  • Kevin Youkilis, Red Sux chase
  • Hank Aaron, Cooperstown
  • Jim Thome, CHW
  • Paul Konerko, CHW
  • Jeff Kent, Dodgers
  • Bo Jackson, Royals
  • Pedro Martinez, NYM pinstripes

- Tiger Woods Upper Deck figure