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Author Topic: WNFF Fantasy Football 2011-2012  (Read 2962 times)

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Re: WNFF Fantasy Football 2011-2012
« Reply #100: November 08, 2011, 04:49:45 PM »
Just looking for some input. In one of my money leauges I have DeMarco Murray on the bench as a backup to Frank Gore and LeSean McCoy. I also have Roy Helu as a backup. I don't need Murray so I am trying to trade him away for a wide receiver to play with Steve Smith (car).

I have two offers:

One for AJ Green
One for Jordy Nelson

I'm not sure which I want to do. AJ Green has consistently put up 10+ points but I looked at the teams he was playing and all the defenses were weak and he is about to be facing some tough teams. Jordy has put up about 10+ points every other game but he has an easier schedule coming up. Which do I do!?!?!