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Re: Nationals vs Diamondbacks, Game 2
« Reply #525: August 24, 2011, 04:30:29 AM »
Can't win 'em all, get 'em next time, et cetera. 

I was there last night and had a good time.  It was frustrating like Sharp said to see them fail to score despite all the opportunities they had. 

JZ has been a revelation this year and he should get some league-wide recognition as an ace.  He's probably a top-20 starter in the baseball.

Desmond and Werth had a couple of hits each, I believe.  Weird.  The failed JZ bunt and Ramos GIDP were killers and Werth had another critical K.  Morse has also cooled down a bit, it seems.

A split this series would be on the low end of my expectations but still within the acceptable range.  With Arizona scuffling, I'd hope we could take the next two.