Who is the Nats #12 prospect?

Kevin Keyes
Matt Skole
Brad Meyers
Steve Lombardozzi
Michael Taylor
Sammy Solis
Steven Souza
Tom Milone
Tyler Moore
Erik Komatsu
Other (explain)

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Re: WNFF Top 30 Prospect List: #12 Prospect
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At this point, Turnbull should be on the list. If we're talking Skole, Turnbull has to be here, since he was drafted higher. Draft status doesn't always matter, but fresh off the draft, Turnbull is viewed as a better prospect by the organization. I know Skole has played well since he signed, but he hasnt exactly killed it and is still in low A, so it's not enough IMO to push him higher than Turnbull.

Ill go with Lombardozzi here. His upside isn't as high as some ranked above, or even as high as some below(Taylor and Keyes IMO) but he's a sound player who's 'safeness' draws value around here IMO.