Who is the Nats #4 Prospect?

A.J. Cole
Derek Norris
Robbie Ray
Destin Hood
Alex Meyer
Chris Marrero
Brad Pea****
Brian Goodwin
Tom Milone
Steve Lombardozi
Other (Explain)

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Re: WNFF Top 30 Prospect List: #4 Prospect
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I corrected the post before you.  I lost track where we were.  I agree on the top 4.  I disagree on Pea**** v. Norris because I'm a skeptic about Pea**** being more than a reliever.  I view Norris more likely to hit for an acceptable average (.240, I/M/O) and keep the power, plate discipline, and his ability to stick in position than Pea**** to develop the 3d pitch he'll need to start.  But this is based on reports and not watching them.

My stance on Pea**** is that relieving is definitely his floor, which is a benefit to his stock. He should be able to impact the big club in one way or another.

But, I think the relieving stuff is an old knock. That was all we heard last year around AFL time, and with him being a reliever there with some success, that's what his scouting report read entering the year. But he took a step up this year in AA. His command was better, and he has two plus pitches. AA isnt the bigs, but to dominate like he did at that level with his current arsenal is a positive. While he does need to develop a change up to reach his potential, the growth he's shown from this year to last is a huge positive. I still think his future is as a starter. After a rocky first start in AAA, hes pitched very well overall(albeit with some command issues).

At this point, Im more comfortable with him cracking the rotation as a #5 or being an impact late inning reliever than I am with Norris being an every day catcher. And Im still a Norris fan. He's either 6 or 7 on the list IMO. I think he's got more to work on and improve on than Pea**** does to have an impact in the bigs.