Who is the Nats #3 Prospect?

A.J. Cole
Derek Norris
Robbie Ray
Destin Hood
Alex Meyer
Chris Marrero
Matt Purke
Brian Goodwin
Brad Peacock
Steve Lombardozzi
Other (Explain)

Author Topic: WNFF Top 30 Prospect List: #3 Prospect  (Read 1421 times)

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Re: WNFF Top 30 Prospect List: #3 Prospect
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I went with Purke. He's got more upside than Peacock and more polish than Cole. While the injuries concern me, he did pass his physical, which is good enough for me for now I suppose.

I have 2 questions about the WNFF top prospect series: What happens if draft picks don't sign and they're already chosen on the list...do we re-select? And Linty, is there any way you could post the poll results before closing each thread? From what I see, the results disappear once the time runs out.

For example, if Purke is chosen here and then doesn't sign, we'd probably bump up everyone and do another #5 poll or something.

Linty, what you could just do is in the initial post, post our list so far, so:

#1: Harper
#2: Rendon

and then update it in the new poll each time