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Re: Nationals @ Cubs, Game 3
« Reply #525: August 12, 2011, 09:07:15 AM »
That was a very disgusting display by Bixler and Desmond. Bixler jumps out of the way of a pitch that would have tied the game and then swings at one 2 feet outside for strike 3 then Desmond swings at ball 4. Marmol was trying his best to give the game away but the Nats wouldn't take it. I am still p.o.'d about it.

Bixler's value is as a pinch runner. He has no business being on a big league roster. Desmond has never been able to hit. His stats this year are atrocious, even by his standards. You can't be a starting SS in the big leagues with a sub .600 OPS. He'd have to have wings and be able to stop anything hit in the infield to make it worth having him out there solely for his defense.