Author Topic: Nats are batting .170 since all-star break  (Read 787 times)

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Nats are batting .170 since all-star break
« Topic Start: July 24, 2005, 08:54:57 PM »
I repeat, .170!!!!!!  That's like having 9 guys in your line up worse than Guzman.  Horrific!   Hell, I don't even need base hits - just hit fly balls when runners are in scoring position and we would have gained a split.

On another note, I have to go out of town until Friday so I will miss the Braves series.  (I must admit that I am rather thankful for that.)  You guys hold down the fort until Friday.

p.s. If the Nats sweep Atlanta while I'm gone, I promise I will not post again until they lose.

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Nats are batting .170 since all-star break
« Reply #1: July 24, 2005, 09:57:06 PM »
Just think had the Nats won 7 games since the All Star break instead of just 3, none of us would care if they were hitting only .170... I've said it before, I know from having watched the Expos that losing magnifies everything and it magnifies it big time.

Whether the guys win or lose, we need to stop focusing on the negative and look for the good things in every game, even the losses.... That's how teams improve, you learn from everything and you learn most in defeat...