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Re: Nationals @ Rockies, Game 4
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Rockies are 3-5 this season in matches following ones in which they've scored 10 or more runs - in the following pairings the opponent and venue are the same for both matches except as noted:

20th April - beat Giants at home 10-2, lost at Florida 4-1 two eays later
13th May - beat Padres at home 12-7, lost 9-7 the following day
24th May - beat Diamondbacks at home 12-4, lost second match 5-2 (doubleheader)
28th May - beat Cardinals at home 15-4, lost 4-3 the following day
17th June - beat Tigers at home 13-6, won again 5-4 the following day
14th July - beat Brewers at home 12-3, won again 4-nil the following day
19th July - beat Braves at home 12-3, won again 3-2 the following day
30th July - beat Padres at home 10-6, lost 8-3 the following day

The Nationals, on the other hand, have not shown much resilience following 10+-run haemorrhages - they are only 2-5 in the matches played immediately thereafter:

3rd April - lost to Braves at home 11-2, lost at Florida 3-2 (10 innings) two days later
23rd May - lost at Milwaukee 11-3, lost again 7-5 the following day
28th June - lost at LA Angels 11-5, lost again 1-nil the following day
3rd July - lost to Pirates at home 10-2, beat Cubs at home 5-4 (10 innings) the following day
7th July - lost to Cubs at home 10-9, lost to Rockies at home 3-2 the following day
15th July - lost at Atlanta 11-1, won 5-2 the following day
26th July - lost to Marlins at home 11-2, lost again 7-5 the following day

Perhaps the Rockies were on an emotional rush yesterday, coming together strongly in the wake of the Nicasio tragedy - teams have been known to experience such performance highs following such events - and it has to be remembered that the Rockies did allow seven runs as well, so yesterday's result was hardly an unqualified masterpiece for them. Whatever...just hoping the Nats can develop some needed resilience (mental toughness has been in rather short supply historically at this ball club) and Eeyore can prevail over the 2-6 Aaron Cook to enable the Nats to win more than one at Coors Field for the first time since 2008.