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Re: Nationals vs Mets, Game 3
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If Bourn just cost us money then I wouldn't really have an issue.  It's giving up on kids who factor into the future that I have an issue with.  

I agree that he's better than Bernadina, but he's not better than having Bernadina/Clippard/Lombardozzi/anyone else useful.

Well I would agree with you if that were the trade proposed but we don't know whether we talked to Houston about much. So I understand your point.

I would at least think we would've have given up a quality pitcher or two like Millone and maybe one of the single A guys. Then maybe Marrero or something. I would be more inclined to trade pieces that we have plenty of and that are currently blocking progress: like Marerro or some of the pitchers.

Its silly to assume that players of Clippard/Lombardozzi's quality would be offered up compared to what the Braves sent to Houston though.