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Post your predictions for wildcard weekend
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Eagles (Giants shouldn't be in the playoffs, Eagles the hottest team in the NFL)

Are they really? Try telling that to the San Diego Chargers

5 in a row when everyone wrote them off...the team is playing awesome.

The Chargers have been on fire all year, but have struggled as late. I would consider a team that has made the playoffs without their probowl caliber QB that is playing great to be hotter than the team that has just been consistently good.

The Eagles have won five in a row.  That's great, but consider that the Chargers have won TEN in a row.  I wouldn't call that struggling.  The fact that the Eagles don't have a QB that's ProBowl caliber is a bad thing.  I understand Garcia is on a roll, but the playoffs are just different.

It took the Chargers a last-minute bomb to beat the Seahawks. Rivers had a mini-slump at the end of the year, but sort of ended it in the last game.

In the playoffs, sometimes the hot team can end up being the best. Look at my Steelers last year. Ended up winning the last 5 of the season and then the whole playoffs. The playoffs are indeed different. But being hot can be better than being talented.