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Post your predictions for wildcard weekend
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Updated with explanations

Quote from: "Dave B"

KC-Second lease on life. Herm will get them going.  They are going to come out fired up

Dallas-Eh, who knows? Seattle I think lost two guys (at least one) in their secondary last week.  TO might have an inspired game. He might be a prick, but he can play.

Jets-Belichik's world is crashing down. People are doubting his offseason moves. He is no longer invincible. After they lose he will have a Denzel-at-the-end-of-Training Day moment, where everybody turns on him and he goes out ranting like a madman. He might even yell "King Kong aint got crap on me", when in fact, King Kong and ManGenius (awesome stupid nickname), do

Eagles-I've believed in Eli  too long.  Eagles were written off a month ago. Second lease on life like KC. Playing at home.  Sorry Giants, youve ruined my pool too much in the second half of the season. (cough) Titans game (cough). Go the F home