Author Topic: 2011 Arizona Fall League  (Read 17100 times)

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Re: 2011 Arizona Fall League
« Reply #125: October 19, 2011, 09:33:04 PM »
The success of Napoli has really made me reluctant to trade Norris. 

If Flores keeps raking in winter league, maybe he builds some trade value and we can flip him along with Marrero and/or Lombo for something useful.  Then bring back Pudge for another year.

Flores was once a star in the making. He'll never have the gun again, but I've always believed he could get the stick back.  This season wasn't what I had hoped to see him do, but he showed enough to get another go at it. 

Let Pudge go, start Ramos and Flores on the 25 man and let things flow to their natural conclusion.